Spell check with one or more languages simultaneously.

Add, edit and remove custom dictionaries and also edit default dictionaries.

Free Financial (AU, GB, US English and French), Legal (AU, GB, US English) and Medical (AU, GB, US English) dictionaries.

Full compatibility with Internet Explorer (32 & 64 bit) and Enhanced Protected Mode.

Optionally spell check existing text in edit fields.

Optionally spell check single and multi-line edit fields.

Optionally override webpage settings and spell check in all edit fields.

A spell check dialog for easy proofing of large bodies of text.

Add and manage words in per-language user dictionaries.

Integrate with Office Outlook for spell check in single line edit fields.

Full JavaScript API allows programmatic access to WinSpell features such as:

Get the text of the word directly beneath the caret in an element

Get an array of suggested corrections for a misspelled word

Replace the text of the word directly beneath the caret with another in an element

Remove the tag from all instances of a word in an element

Enable or disable spell checking in an element

Display the Speckie Settings page

Get an array of names of the active language dictionaries

Add a word to the user's dictionary

Get the number of tagged words in an element