• Added support for Windows 10.
  • Added support for Enhanced Protected Mode in WinSpell for IE.
  • Fixed a rare crash.
  • Fixed an issue when adding words to non primary language.
  • WinSpell is now selectable as the spell checker on the primary language only within the Windows Language UI.


  • Added an option to spell check existing text in an edit field.*
  • Added a spell check dialog to improve working with large bodies of text.*
  • Updated the Settings UI to be more touch screen friendly.
  • Fixed numerous minor issues.
  • *Change affects commercial version only.



  • Added settings to change the style and colour of the red squiggle used for misspellings in WinSpell for IE.*
  • Fixed an issue in the core WinSpell module that could cause delayed spell checking.*
  • *Change affects commercial version only.


  • Added the WinSpell Manager application to allow the addition, removal and editing of custom dictionaries and also the editing of the default dictionaries. It also allows the setting of the number of languages used by WinSpell to perform spell checking.*
  • Added the WinSpell for Outlook Addin which allows WinSpell for IE to be integrated with Office Outlook.*
  • *Change affects commercial version only.


  • Initial release.